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Lost LeBlanc
QUIT my job to travel the world. This is my story of unconditionally pursuing my passion for filmmaking and travel. Subscribe to join the adventure and let's #GetLost together!
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How to Travel Barcelona (the City of 2024)

This is how to travel Barcelona Spain in 2024. We called Barcelona home for 2 weeks to make this detailed city guide and these the best destinations, best food and restaurants and even a few hidden gems we could find. Stay connected on your trip: Learn how YOU can build your own social media empire and join our fam of 5000 creators! Instagram TikTok Lost LeBlanc

POV: you're building your Bali villa

I am building my villa in Bali Indonesia and this is the reality of turning a dream into a reality. Get updates on Lost Villa and be the first to hear when I launch the next 6 homes here: Learn how YOU can build your own social media empire and join our fam of 5000 creators! Shoutout to the legends making this project a reality Architect & Designer Stefan - @Singleart - Contractor Fatin - @bingkailangitkonstruksi - Project Manager: Watch the entire Lost Villa Construction Playlist: Instagram TikTok Lost LeBlanc

How to Travel Ibiza - NOT ONLY for Partying

This is how to Travel Ibiza Spain. From adventure, culture, food, nightlife and partying and so much more, this video is your travel guide. Learn how YOU can build your own social media empire and join our fam of 5000 creators! Instagram TikTok Lost LeBlanc

How to Build a House (12 Steps to Save Money & Time)

This is how to build your home step by step. This guide will show you how to save money, avoid costly mistakes and to build your home as quickly as possible. Get your finances set up with the best money transfer solution around. Get your first transfer up to £500 fee free here: (After 5 years using Wise, I couldn't be happier to be partnered with them on this video) Want to get connected with my trusted contacts OR partner with me in my upcoming Bali villa project? Sign up here: Want to know how a broke backpacker with $2,500 is now building his dream life? The short answer is that this camera changed my life in ways I could have never imagined possible. If YOU want to build your dream life, I can help you and it starts here: (Book a call and let's see how my creator success coaches and I can help you!) My EPIC build team who made this villa possible Contractor: (Whatsapp +62 818-0530-8808) Design & Architecture: (Whatsapp +40 726 113 339) Realtor - Peter with Propertia Bali (Whatsapp +62 877-8702-2868) Newly Signed Project Manager - Gary with Simetris Consulting (WA +61 433 800 269) Furniture Manufacturer - Mrs. Ketut (WA +62 811-392-080) Landscaper Anton (WA +62 818-0566-1227) Instagram: Instagram: TikTok Lost LeBlanc

Should YOU Move to Portugal? (The Digital Nomad Review)

Digital Nomads have moved to Portugal and Lisbon to find a better life but what is the reality of living in Portugal? I went from tourist to local to discover the Pros and Cons of living here, the cost of living, and if you should move here. Let's find out if Portugal is your next home or if we're off to the next nomad hotspot. Learn how YOU can build your own social media dream business. Chat with one of my creator success coaches here: Full South Portugual Video - Bali Video: Instagram TikTok Lost LeBlanc

We bought land on an island for $45,000

I have been traveling around the world looking for dream land and dream investment opportunity and I found the plot to my next tropical home. For $45,000, I know am the proud owner of land in Ambergris Caye in Belize and I can't wait to build my home. Contact - Whatsapp +13059989695 / IG @WillMitchill Learn how YOU can build your dream life with just a camera - set up a call with our Creator Success Coach HERE: Instagram TikTok Lost LeBlanc
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